Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Birthdays galore and more

First, I must start by giving a shout out to my sister. She helped me out this week by minding Cecilia at my boss, Rob Sayer's, house while I recorded a few songs for the new cd, The Giraffe Collection. I recorded a lullabye I wrote for Esther called "Little Esther." I am very proud of that. Thanks Glo for walking in circles with CC and Sheba the dog.

This past week marked two important birthdays- my mom's and my dad's. Born 1 week apart in 1946, they have known each other since 5th grade! Things seem to be working out- they are both 62 and still ticking. Dinner at Basil's with the family. Gloria didn't get the pink sweater memo.I didn't get the memo either.Check out mom's newest trick- performed on her birthday at the zoo with Robert and Esther. Yesterday also marked CC's first zoo trip!
Robert watched kids on the rock climbing wall at the zoo for a very long time. He asked if I could come with him and help, hooked on his harness and went for it! He climbed over halfway up- much higher than the older girls who were climbing with him. This activity really seemed to focus his energy. Look out Dustin Chambers.
Friday night Glo and Scott dropped by for a spur of the moment dinner- way fun! We dined while Melvin, technician for Universal Heating and Air, repaired our A/C til 11:30pm. No lie. 100% nice guy.

On Saturday we had an impromptu picnic at Semmes Park with the Kosar family- the kids ran, we ate. Everybody got a little wet. Major family fun.

Esther and John EdwardKarla and CC

Saturday night we took the whole family to Buckhead for a Music Class party. The Music Class celebrates 10 years of teaching in 2008. Anna Baker, kid assistant extraordinnaire helped us with the kiddos. The party was on top of the Eclipse Building- note the view of the ATL in the picture of Esther.

Robert played a little pool!

On Sunday we celebrated kids and youth at All Saints'. Rob spent the week helping Brad Cox and Helen Harris prepare their sermons for the 11:15 service. The children's choirs sang all the music in the 11:15. The service came together BEAUTIFULLY. Helen and Brad spoke so articulately that I am including a link to their recorded sermons here: (hint- get a tissue before you start listening- I have never seen so many hankies out at All Saints'.)

Rob recognized the graduating seniors in the service as well. They are his last graduating class as youth director and the first class he has worked with since 6th grade. Sigh.

Following church we attended a luncheon for the children's choirs (there are 4!) Robert stood very proudly with the cherub choir. Watching the older kids perform he seemed to get it- I will be like them some day. Cool.


"Look at that octagon Robert, it's a stop sign!"- Esther
"I really sang 'Mary told the good news' that time mom, out loud!"- Robert
After naptime when the A/C was out, "I am super duper sweaty mom, wanna feel me?"- Esther
"That's a rootin' tootin' good idea Esther!"- Robert

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  1. Hello Burlingtons!!! Just found your blog and wanted to say hello. Hope all is well - Raleigh is awesome and I hope you can visit soon.

    Tell everyone hi and don't be strangers.


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