Monday, September 7, 2009

Journey to Maine-the final entry (post #200!!!)

Our final stop was at the home of the Revs. Patti and Dickie Downing in Wilmington, Delaware. What a handsome couple! Patti took us on a tour of her two parishes: Trinity Church (below)and the super duper historic Old Swedes' church. A museum is housed at the latter along with the oldest pulpit in the United States! Does that make Patti the most amazing preacher in the United States? Probably. Robert and Esther get a close up view of the pulpit.The sign explaining the pulpit's history. Old Swede's cemetery and museum.
Old Swedes bell tower.
The coolest thing that day was when Patti let the kids ring the bell. Here Robert is ringing inside while we watch outside:
Actually, the best thing that day was the FABULOUS lamb kebabs that Dickie grilled for dinner that night. Sadly, I have no picture of that. Thank you Dickie and Patti for hosting the Burlington family in your beautiful home. We love you!
Though many claimed that we must be crazy, we drove the WHOLE WAY from Wilmington to Atlanta the next day totalling about 14 hours. The kids were AWESOME on the drive, we didn't run into much traffic and thanks to Granny and Papaw's van, the video time was plentiful. Which brings me to one final thank you.
Mom and dad- THANK YOU for lending us your super awesome whipped up Honda Odyssey with the DVD and GPS hook-up. It made our trip very smooth and pleasant. I still don't know why you didn't leave our van unlocked in a parking lot with the keys in the ignition while we were gone. Oh yeah- you were to busy detailing it and removing stains that even the guys at Cactus Carwash claimed wouldn't come out. THANK YOU for cleaning up my old Sienna. She was proud to see us at the end of our journey.
With no more posts to write about our vacation, I think I have to face facts. Summer is over. No more vacation for now. Good thing it's Labor Day!

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